Trail saddles for the 21st century

Tut Creek Trail Saddles
by TBM


                                                                      - Features -
All Steele tree company bar fits available.
Base price includes natural leather in light or dark oil finish.  
Leather rosettes with strings on clip Ds under the rosettes 
and no border stamp.
1/4" inlaid padded seat with rollover cantle.
Seat leather, black, dark brown, or light brown smooth or suede.
Straight border on cantle back.
Two footman loops on cantle back.
Drop ring rigging.
Flank D only - no flank cinch
Colored leather, black, chestnut, brown and mahogany, add $100
Jeremiah watt hardware add $45.00
Sunrise border stamp add $35
Scalloped edge on cantle back $15
1/2" inlaid padded seat.  $20.00
Flank cinch add $95
Average weight -19 lbs Base Price - $1,495


​Average weight - 21 lbs
Base price - $1,595
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